About Us

Specializing in Traditional Clay Products


The mission of the GreenzTeck is to progress in a holistic environment
which makes us ficus mostly on eco-friendly and sustainable products.


The Vision of the GreenzTeck is to stand tall as one of the rooted service provider of the nation.

We at GreenzTeck are One of the fastest growing manufacturer, wholesaler and service provider for an ensemble of Traditional Clay products. We deal with Weathering Tiles, Clay Roof Tile, Ceiling Tiles, Car Parking Tiles, Clay Wall Tiles, Roof Fabrication Work, etc.

The people involved possess ample experience in the field of civil engineering, architecture, material choice , selection and design. With this potential people’s resource we are able to provide Best of the available services to all customers and have an edge over our market.

Construction materials company in Coimbatore

Our Business policies are framed on ethical grounds and with the prime motive towards customer gratification.

Our display centres are situated In various cities of South India Like Coimbatore , Chennai Bangalore Tiruppur and more. Our display Centres also play a role of an experiential centres that showcases Structural marvels and the visual retreat of materials. We support various laying needs for our customers with the team of equipped workmanship.

Further we provide our digital catalogue to cater our Customers through digital marketing & digital Shopping experience.

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